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What’s the difference between an upcoming order and a standing order?

Upcoming orders are the immediate orders that are being prepared and delivered. You can amend these within specific deadlines. These are short term one off order adjustments.

A standing order is your regular weekly order that you want to receive each week. This will be a permanent change to your order until you decide to change it again.

When can I change my 48 hour order?

You can make any changes 48 hours before your order is due to be delivered e.g. You can adjust your order up until 2pm on Monday for Wednesday’s delivery.
We are sorry but you cannot change your 48 hour order after 2pm e.g if it is 2.15pm on Tuesday you have missed the window to change your Thursday delivery, the next possible day you could make changes for would be Friday via the Warburtons Customer Portal.

At the moment we are not accepting 24 hour adjustments due to ongoing challenges, this is being kept under review.

If I changed my ordered quantity and wish to change them again what should I do?

You can amend your order as many times as you like up to the deadline of 2pm.

If you make a mistake after confirming any changes simply re-enter the correct quantity that you want to order and confirm it.


Where is my delivery?

On the upcoming orders page you can see at the top the order due for delivery today and the subsequent orders for tomorrow and the day after. Open todays order and an ETA is displayed.

What do I do if I want to change the day I receive a delivery?

You can amend your standing order or place an order on a specific date based on your allowable delivery days, you can cancel and raise new orders on those days. If you want to change your actual allowable delivery days, you will need to contact your local Territory Manager to discuss.
Under Standing Orders there is an option to view by day, this allows you to select the day and update the order with any changes.

Do you have point of sale material?

Check out our Point of Sale page – link at the bottom of the page - and scroll through the available options, Choose Enquire now and simply fill in and submit the form and we shall contact you to talk about your requirements.


How do I see my invoices

On the menu there is an option to display invoices, from here you can review invoices from the last XX weeks / months / years? They can be opened, viewed and downloaded.

Why can’t I see my invoices?

Independent customers can display their invoices. Warburtons has worked with buying group head offices to get approval to show the invoices and where possible have done so, if you think you should be able to see invoices but cannot please contact your head office for the invoice.

Can I pay online?

All trade is done on account with invoices submitted and paid after delivery via direct debit or your buying group.


How do I return products?

On the Home Page click on View Returns, this will take you to the Returns Summary.

Click on Return products, you will see a list of items that are eligible for Returns. Please select which item, the quantity and a reason for your return. Then click on the Return Items Button, you will see a message saying your return has been successful, it will give you a Return ID & Collection Date.

You can only return Sale or Return products that have been authorised and agreed by a Warburtons Territory Manager.

How many can I return / is there a limit on how many I can return?

The amount of products you can return is linked to your recent purchases and the reason for the return, for example returning damaged product must be done on the day the delivery is received and you may only return up to the amount received on the delivery.

Do I need to keep hold of the product until you pick it up?

Yes please, our driver will confirm the amount collected which will be the basis for your refund.

When will the product be collected?

Once you have completed the returns process, you will be given a Return ID and Collection Date which should be on your next available delivery date.

Account management

How can I add someone to help manage my account?

Under the Menu button, go to My Account - My Company – Manage My Users – Add.
Enter the name, email address and assign a role and click on Save. Then they will receive an email inviting them to log in.

My employee left, can I remove them from the account?

Go to the menu and My Account - My Company – Manage My Users, from here you can remove additional people from your account.


What do I do if I forget my password?

On the site home page (before you log in) there is a 'forgot password?' link on the top right hand side of the password box.
Please enter the email address registered with your account, this is also your username. We will then send you an email with a link to reset your password.

How do I change my password?

Go to the Menu button on the top right hand side, under My Account Click on Password, this will then bring up the update Password box. Enter your new details and click change Password.

How do I make enquiries?

Please select the contact us option at the bottom of the page or contact your Territory manager.